Do You like Airplanes and is that why You are here? Garden Airways has Airplanes for You, from the B-36D Peacemaker to the Beech Starship….a Rutan Design!!

You are important to us. You have an interest for airplanes. You can make them as an aircraft weathervane model. You can color them the way you would like them to be.  And you can
watch them fly when you place your aircraft weathervane outside in the wind.

Picture one of these Aircraft Weathervanes flying in your personal airspace. In building them,
you make each part of the model separately. You then put the parts together and you now
have made your aircraft weathervane model.

Garden Airways offer plans for you to make 3-D, Realistic-Looking, Aircraft, Weathervane Models using Full Size Drawings and suggested Colorful Paint Schemes. All the Information you will need to build your Dream Aircraft the simplest and easiest way for you.

We have Woodworking Plans for a variety of Aircraft. They will Enhance your Garden, Yard or
Patio Airspace!!  Check out what Our Customers have done in Our Customer Picture Gallery

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Thank You!!

Getting Started      & Good Hunting!!

"I want to thank you and Garden Airways for providing airplane plans to allow us
aircraft enthusiasts to build our dream planes. Sure have fun at it. Your blueprints
are ‘collectors’ items in themselves. Well drawn and understandable to any average
person. Keep up the good work!"
- Don Weyenberg

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